1 Apr

Taking place this weekend at the former site of Black Mountain College,  now Camp Rockmont, catch LKD at the 2015 ReHappening.

We will be presenting excerpts from Ladle Weiss, as well as two new structured improv ditties, “grit graf” and “ode to an old phren.”

Hope to see you there!

Saturday, April 4th, 2015


Camp Rockmont in Lake Eden, NC

for more info, please visit http://rehappening.com

Meet LKD’s Apprentice: Conner Hall

19 Mar

Name: Conner Hall38859_480135976039_1499614_n

Hometown: Asheville, NC

Describe your dancing self in 3 words: Cray. Silly. Strong.

About yourself:  I watch the X-Files like it’s going out of style.

Inspiring Female in your life and why: My mom. She has taught me to be the strong, independent woman I am today, and I hope to grow up to be even half of the one that she is. She cares for more people than she ever should, and her love and support is never taken for granted.

Why folks should see Ladle Weiss: Because LKD is da bomb.

Meet LKD’s Artistic Director: Lindsey Kelley Brewer

16 Mar

Name: Lindsey Kelley Brewer FullSizeRender

Hometown: Panama City Beach, FL

Describe your dancing self in three words:  engrained, invested, limby

About yourself:  I am really an 80+ year old grandmother, trapped in a 30 year old body.  Broaches, doilies, high wasted pantaloons, you name it…

Inspiring female in your life and why:  oh goodness… so many lovely ladies in my life, it’s too tough to choose just one.  Sheila Kelley, my beautifully sweet mother, because she is truly to the most compassionate and selfless human being I have ever known.  Oma, my German grandmother, for pumping ballet, opera and classical music into my veins from a very young age.  Kat, for ladling up the most delicious home cooked southern meals I’ve ever eaten and for showing me what unconditional love really is.  My godmother, Rule, because she makes the cutest collages in all the land. My Aunt Donna, because she is the bomb diggity and glides through life with extreme
grace. Mindy Upin and Tina Tidwell, because their passion and drive is RIDICULOUS!  Such ambitious, hardworking and deserving young women.

Why folks should see Ladle Weiss: because my handsome husband, David Brewer, is our front of house manager, who greets every audience member with an infectious smile.  Be on the look out!

And..because this show has heart and soul.  It is evident in the details, movement, dancers and choreography. I could not be more excited to share it with Asheville.FullSizeRender-3


Meet our Dancers: Kala Hildebrand

12 Mar

Name: Kala Hildebrand

Hometown: Asheville, NC

Describe your dancing self in three words: fingertips, liquid, grounded

About yourself: I have 3 moms…but more like 18 if you count all the other awesome women who have been part of my life.

Inspiring female in your life and why: My moms…..all 18 of them. For doing what they do with grace and wisdom and making sure to have a good time while doing it.

Why folks should see Ladle Weiss: Because right now you’re asking yourself “what is Ladle Weiss?” and to that I say – come see it and find out! Plus, we love dancing together, getting the chance to work with Lindsey, and we want to share it with you!


Meet our dancers: Alexis Miller

8 Mar

061115Name: Alexis Lorin Miller

Hometown: Nantucket, Massachusetts

Describe your dancing self in three words: serious crosses awkward

Fun fact/facts about yourself: I love studying languages. I speak French, and am studying Spanish and German. I was taught how to drive in a 1967 Saab and a 1967 Land Rover.

Inspiring female in your life and why: My maternal grandmother..she was born in 1907 and was a flapper

Why folks should see Ladle Weiss: There’s some really amazing hair in this show, a glimmer of high heels, and fierce dancing – plus guest choreography by Janice of Shen Wei Dance Arts…Asheville hasn’t seen much of Lindsey’s choreography or Janice’s…so don’t miss it!060751 061042

Meet Our Dancers: Amy Borskey

5 Mar

10343531_10152185503607057_4216825097993970295_nName: Amy Borskey

Hometown: Asheville, pretty much

Describe your dancing self in three words: inspired, resplendent, grateful

About yourself: I’m getting married in September to the love of my life.

Inspiring female in your life and why: My mother. This woman is an unstoppable force. Talented, driven, and so supportive. This woman can do ANYTHING! And she does so much for me.

Why folks should see Ladle Weiss: Because Lindsey Kelley is genius, and you won’t be disappointed. I believe that all of us bring something unique and alluring to each of her visions and the final products are both intriguing and entertaining. And how often do youget the chance to enjoy an evening of modern dance in Asheville? Come reap the benefits of our hard work!


Meet our Dancers: Kathleen Hahn

2 Mar

Name: Kathleen24072_418614119427_300094_n Hahn

Hometown: Greensboro, NC

Describe your dancing self in three words: addicted, want more of it, need more please now (is that more than three words?)

Unknown fact about yourself: Steve Martin and I were lovers in a past life.

Inspiring female in your life and why: Right now it’s Jo Weldon, headmistress of the NY School of Burlesque, because she is so passionate about Burlesque and it’s history without forcing it to be a certain way now. She encourages every performer to recreate Burlesque, make it their own and be completely unapologetic with every wacky, taboo, sexy filled idea they have.

Why folks should see Ladle Weiss: Because artists like Lindsey are rare! And if you have not experienced the mastery of movement and story telling that Lindsey Kelley Dance is all about than it’s ridiculous how much you’re missing out! I’m not just saying that! Plus I’m going to be in town ya’ll! And I miss you, and hope you can come say hi and support the show!


Bet you can’t guess which one is Kathleen :)


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