Big Doings, Big Doings for NC!

In the works right this very second, Mindy Upin and I are getting ready and pumped all the way up for the North Carolina Dance Festival!  Performances and master classes begin September 9-10 in good ole Raleigh, NC.  Actually, how do I know it’s good and old? Never been! What I do know is that this festival is going to be the bomb diggity, representing some of the most talented dancers and choreographers in the whole state of NC! If you can’t make it to Raleigh, have NO FEAR my dear! We will be performing September 2011-February 2012 at various cities in NC, guaranteeing time for you to join us!

Mindy and I will be performing our most recent work, “A Tribute and Reflection of the Relationship.”  A little about the piece as stated from Miss Upin herself:

“A Tribute and Reflection of the Relationship,” which first premiered at New York City’s Danspace Project Food for Thought in November 2010 is lighthearted and jovial. Lindsey and Mindy are a goofy, fun team, but are nothing less than dancing machines. Their unyielding athleticism combined with a very tangible bond is palpable and alive. They use combinations of playful, random, and humorous gestural movements paired with impressive, mammoth dancing.  The pair has been extremely well received in all endeavors together whether in a traditional theater setting or site-specific public events for non-dance audiences. Although the two come from very different backgrounds, any opportunity to enjoy, share, and celebrate their friendship is the goal. Treasuring and reflecting brings about great layers of contrasting ideas, sensations, and even theories of joy. The piece is a journey, but of what is either unknown, unfinished, or is simply unimportant to define.  This investigation, however, drives the team to continue the search.

Well said Mindy, well said! For information on performance dates/tickets/theaters, please click on the Festival’s website, posted below:        


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