I must say that it is MORE than AWESOME to be choreographing so mucho in Asheville!  While living in NYC, I didn’t have quite the time or opportunity to work on my own stuff so often, so this is all super exciting and oh so importante to my well-being as an artist.
         With that said, I’d like to announce that I will be creating a brand spankin’ new work to be presented this fall in The Asheville Ballet’s Season Opener! Holla! I’m keeping it small, real small, as I often do 🙂 A new duet ditty, involving my beautiful dancin’ friend, Fleming Lomax, and myself, shall start physically a brewin’ veeeeeery soon. We shall tear that Diana Wortham stage up in a dancing frenzy that is surely not to be missed if you are in the Asheville area.
         In moving to Asheville, my main goal was to present this city with something innovative and refreshing; to push that damn envelope..hard!  To bring a breath of polluted city air (jk, jk) to the mountainous community, by presenting some truly kick-ass dancing! It all takes time, yada, yada, yada….but this new piece is just another stepping stone in truly making a difference, somewhere, somehow, people!
 AND on to… a little about the piece:
“Lindsey Kelley will be creating a new duet this fall, loosely based on childhood memories as told through her adult self. From detailed, intricate images of the past, to blurry and exaggerated “events,” she takes the audience on a whimsical journey through movement, text and even…a little singing! do, re, mi…..Deeper and internally driven dancing, plus quirky and theatrical flair is definitely to be expected. Kelley often creates movement through improvisation, plus natural momentum and weight in the body, which is no exception to this new choreographic endeavor.”
WHEN:  September 30th & October 1st, 7:30pm
WHERE: Diana Wortham Theater, Asheville, NC
and YOU should be there, no diggity, no doubt!

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