Up NeXt from LKD

well well well. September madness is over, crazy October is complete and onto yet another fun-filled month. yipee, I say!

What’s up next, one might ask?? hmmm… I’m currently in the process of choreographing solo material for a music video, to be filmed later this month. holla! Also, the Asheville Performing Arts Academy is currently rehearsing for their winter production, which I am choreographing and directing.  28 kiddos all on one stage; Help me lawdy!  It shall be a hit, no doubt. Plus, my older, very talented brother, JD, and I are collaborating on a new work to be danced soooooon here in Asheville. I’m super thrilled, for this will be the first time we work together on a dancey dance, since we were kids.

Check back frequently for more info regarding specific performance dates/times!  In the meantime: keep it real, spread the love like whoa and have a good time doing all that you do!  NO OTHER OPTION 🙂


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