Bonjour Peeps, Hope you are well, well and super well!  I certainly am.  I also am certainly excited for some upcoming dance extravaganzas in 2012!  What, what you might ask??  Hmmmm…take a gander


#1- Asheville Fringe Festival: January 20th-21st, Asheville, NC

My spectacular older Bro, John David Kelley, and I will be presenting a new collaborative piece in the 2012 Asheville Fringe Festival. “This collaborative piece is meant to address the many themes that have arisen around the aging of our grandmothers. We are trying to understand the nature of our intergenrational experiences.  It will be a multimedia performance, drawing on video, music, and dance.” – JDK

Updated ticket and performance info coming soon! Please check back or visit www.ashevillefringe.org

#2- The Ratio of Minsey to Kelpin: February 10th-12th, Links Hall, Chicago, IL

Mindy Upin and I take the stage in Chicago, IL for our very FIRST full evening length production, “The Ratio of Minsey to Kelpin.”  Holy Moly, talk about excitement!  I am oh so honored to be sharing the stage with the fierce, Mindy and to present an evening of dance that is sure to be badass…at the very least 🙂   Check it:


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