Last week was absolutely incredible! Chicago treated us more than divine, although I must admit I am still completely exhausted from all of the events.  Mindy and I kicked off our trip with an informal show at “The Park,” we co-taught at various high-schools in the Chicago area, gave a stellar performance of our tribute duet to the students and most importantly, presented 3 evenings of our show at Links Hall: “The Ratio of Mindsey to Kelpin”  holla holla!!! It was pretty dank and to be quite frank, I was not looking forward to coming back home.  boooooo hoooooooo, let me dance forever people!

As I’ve stated previously, Mindy and I will have  a ONE NIGHT ONLY performance of “ratio” in Asheville.  I am beyond thrilled to bring this show to Asheville audiences, for it’s something certainly NOT to be missed. From grannys to wildcats to ballet to tap dancing, this show most definitely takes one on a journey!  Please mark your calendars:

WHAT: The Ratio of Mindsey to Kelpin- A Modern Dance Extravaganza

WHEN: Sunday, February 26th 7-8pm

WHERE: BeBe Theatre, 20 Commerce Street, Asheville, NC

WHY: Because we are dancing machines

COST: $12/$10 Students & Seniors, Cash, Credit, Check

HOW: reserve tix @ 917-972-6127 or

MUCHOS GRACIAS and Hope to see you at our show!!!!!


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