{Re}Happening/ App State Residency/ I love you

Howdy howdy!  With several extremely busy months behind us, Mindy and I are at it, yet again.  Just keep that ball a rollin’ rollin’.

Come April, Mindy and I will return to Appalachian State University in Boone, NC for a mini-residency.  Extreme excitement revolving around that one 🙂 We taught a master class a few months back, as part of the NC Dance Festival Outreach Program.  This time we are headed back to teach a little modern, ballet, improv and rep!

We will be participating in this year’s {Re}Happening event at Lake Eden in NC.  Joining over 50 other artists, we are out to dance our faces off.  We are both super excited to be in such an inspiring and motivating environment and hopefully, create some new work!   Purchase your tickets to this event at:  http://rehappening.com/?page_id=368

I want to finish with a friendly reminder to SPREAD the LOVE!  It’s never too late and definitely never the wrong time to show a little lovin’ to those around you.  I couldn’t/wouldn’t be here today, writing this damn post, if it weren’t for the support of all those loved ones around me.  So… mom, dad, jd, matt, david, oma, kat, rule, mindy, flem and all other beloved friends, family and fans of my work, THANK YOU! take it easy and hug somebody…NOW! 🙂 Enjoy the lovely weather!


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