Upcoming Shama-llamas

With the Asheville Ballet Fall Production behind me, its time to focus on teaching galore and reconstructing pieces! Whoop!

I’ll be busy these next few weeks whipping my little Revolution Dance ladies into shape (not literally whipping, just so we are clear) PLUS, guest teaching at Xtreme Dance in Asheville, NC.

ANDDDD…next weekend, I am beyond excited to travel to Meredith College in Raleigh, NC, where I will be restaging one of my works, “swot.get up.mug up.bone.”, on 12 students. Yippee! I can’t wait to work with the MC ladies and hopefully create something oh so stunning!

October shall be a grand one, with plenty of dancing on the horizon. Thank goodness! Oh, and a MAJOR thank you to everyone who attended “Choreo-Off II” last weekend. Your support means more than you know! So Gracias  🙂

ooooooh and look who made the trek from Flo-rida to see their daughter get down boogie on the stage:


Thank you Momma and thank you for the photo, Mrs. Vicki.


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