Meet our dancers: Alexis Miller

061115Name: Alexis Lorin Miller

Hometown: Nantucket, Massachusetts

Describe your dancing self in three words: serious crosses awkward

Fun fact/facts about yourself: I love studying languages. I speak French, and am studying Spanish and German. I was taught how to drive in a 1967 Saab and a 1967 Land Rover.

Inspiring female in your life and why: My maternal grandmother..she was born in 1907 and was a flapper

Why folks should see Ladle Weiss: There’s some really amazing hair in this show, a glimmer of high heels, and fierce dancing – plus guest choreography by Janice of Shen Wei Dance Arts…Asheville hasn’t seen much of Lindsey’s choreography or Janice’s…so don’t miss it!060751 061042


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