Meet LKD’s Artistic Director: Lindsey Kelley Brewer

Name: Lindsey Kelley Brewer FullSizeRender

Hometown: Panama City Beach, FL

Describe your dancing self in three words:  engrained, invested, limby

About yourself:  I am really an 80+ year old grandmother, trapped in a 30 year old body.  Broaches, doilies, high wasted pantaloons, you name it…

Inspiring female in your life and why:  oh goodness… so many lovely ladies in my life, it’s too tough to choose just one.  Sheila Kelley, my beautifully sweet mother, because she is truly to the most compassionate and selfless human being I have ever known.  Oma, my German grandmother, for pumping ballet, opera and classical music into my veins from a very young age.  Kat, for ladling up the most delicious home cooked southern meals I’ve ever eaten and for showing me what unconditional love really is.  My godmother, Rule, because she makes the cutest collages in all the land. My Aunt Donna, because she is the bomb diggity and glides through life with extreme
grace. Mindy Upin and Tina Tidwell, because their passion and drive is RIDICULOUS!  Such ambitious, hardworking and deserving young women.

Why folks should see Ladle Weiss: because my handsome husband, David Brewer, is our front of house manager, who greets every audience member with an infectious smile.  Be on the look out!

And..because this show has heart and soul.  It is evident in the details, movement, dancers and choreography. I could not be more excited to share it with Asheville.FullSizeRender-3



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