Meet the 2015 Summer DanceFest Choreographers: Carson Reiners


Carson Reiners was born in NJ, moved to NYC at 16, lived/worked in Europe,South Africa, Peru, India,Israel and is now a Chicago based Choreographer/Visual Artist and Educator. She is a 2015 recipient of an IAP Creative Project Awards Grant from the City of Chicago Cultural Affairs and Events(DCASE). Her recent work, From Whence Unknown, was recognized by DanceChance Redux 6.0’s independent panel which was awarded a monetary award. Since moving to Chicago in August of 2014 her work has been presented venues across Chicago and her first dance/video was presented at Aplomb Gallery in Chicago and Carnegie Library in London as part of project Overheare,21 Artists. She also worked on T.Daniels Production, Magical Night, as a mime performer which was presented at the University of Illinois Normal with live accompaniment conducted by Glenn Block.

She attended CODARTS (Rotterdam, NL) and graduated from the Anton Bruckner Universitat (AU) with a BA in 2007. Returning to the USA in 2008, she freelanced with many prominent choreographers in NYC. From 2011 to 2013 she was abroad partaking in collaborations including “Crossings” (South Africa), “Las Sacerdotistas de Machu Picchu” (Peru), and “Kindling” (India). In 2014 she resided in Israel where she performed in the Stage’s production of “The Vagina Monologues” in Tel Aviv and taught dance. She has also worked as collaborator/performer with directors Ksenia Petrenko and Aleksei Zherebtsov of Liquid Theatre(RU) and was an original member of the music/dance collaboration, Dovetail, headed by Andrea Hoag in DC. Her work has been shown in nationally and internationally in Holland, Austria, Peru, and India.


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