Tampa-based musicians Sean Hamilton and Nathan Corder of Mechanical Bull are teaming up with Asheville’s professional modern dance company, Lindsey Kelley Dance, for a one-night only performance on Sunday, November 22nd, 7:00pm, at the BeBe Theatre in downtown Asheville. Mechanical Bull and LKD will present an hour long set of collaborative work, highlighting the relationship between musician and dancer.

Mechanical Bull is a duo for electric guitar, drum set, and interactive electronics. Hamilton states, “It’s freely improvised music with electronics that are running programs we wrote that improvise according to given parameters.”  LKD will present an array of past and present repertory, including snippets from their “Legend of the Shim Sham” and “Ladle Weiss” productions. Combining trademark LKD movement phrase work with Mechanical Bull’s musical improvisations, EMIT:TIME is certain to entertain music and dance enthusiasts of all kinds!

Tickets are $15.00 and include one alcoholic beverage. $12.00 tickets are available for audience members under 21 years of age. Additional beer and wine is available for purchase throughout the performance.

An artist talk back will take place immediately following the performance. Have questions? Please email lindseykelleydance@gmail.com

About Mechanical Bull:

Nathan Corder is a composer and guitarist currently living in Tampa, Fl. Nathan holds degrees in composition and philosophy from the University of South Florida. Nathan’s works, ranging from full orchestra to interactive computer music, and installations have been performed worldwide. Recently, Nathan’s works have been recognized at events such as the NYC Electroacoustic Music Festival, mise-en music festival, N_SEME, Root Signals, and the Society of Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States (SEAMUS) Conference at Wesleyan University. In 2014, Nathan was awarded the Allen Strange award from SEAMUS.

Sean Hamilton is a percussionist, composer, and improviser whose interests primarily lie in the conjunctions of new music, electroacoustic music, free improvisation, experimental music, and multidisciplinary projects. Notable performances include the commission and world premiere of Stuart Saunders Smith’s Queen Anne’s Lace for solo vibraphone, recitals of acoustic and electroacoustic music in Florida and Pennsylvania, and attendance the Choreographers and Composers Lab, hosted by the Phoenix Dance Theatre in Leeds, UK. Sean is a regular collaborator with visual artists, dancers, choreographers, and musicians, working on projects with artists in Pennsylvania, Florida, Arizona, North Carolina, Texas and England. As a composer, Sean’s original compositions include works for solo instruments, chamber groups, electroacoustic mediums, and fixed media that have been performed in both the United State and Europe.



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